PatchLink Update
by PatchLink Corporation
Platforms: AIX, DG-UX, Digital UNIX/Alpha, DOS, HP-UX, Java, Linux, MacOS, Net, NetBSD, Netware, OpenVMS, PalmOS, POSIX, SecureBSD, SINIX, Solaris, SunOS, True64 UN, True64 UNIX, Ultrix, UNICOS, UNIX, Unixware, Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows CE, Windows NT, Windows XP
Categories: Auditing, Linux, Monitoring, Solaris, System Security Management, Windows NT
Version: 6.01.78
With PATCHLINK UPDATE, patch management is the secure, proactive, and preventative process it should be. PATCHLINK UPDATE scans networks for security holes and closes them with the click of a mouse, no matter the operating system, the vendor applications, the mix, or the size of the environment. From 5K nodes to 20+K nodes, PATCHLINK UPDATE works quickly, accurately and safely to ensure desktops and servers are patched correctly and completely the first time around.

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PatchLink Update 2004-12-03
PatchLink Update OS req 2005-03-14
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