Windows Permission Identifier
by Nathan House
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP
Categories: Access Control, ACLs, Applications, Auditing, Authentication, Configuration, File System, Filesystem, Hardening, Network, NT, Policy Enforcement, RPC, System Security Management, User Authentication, user privileges
Version: V1.0
This tool enables administrators and penetration testers to review and audit the permissions of users on a windows machine.

Windows Permission Identifier can check;

File ACLs

Folder ACLs

Registry ACLs

Services Permissions


Installation rights

Internet Access and so on.

The GUI enables the administrator to create policies that can be saved in XML format. The windows machines permissions are then checked against this policy. This enables administrators to run checks against existing organisational windows security baseline documents. Policies can be saved in XML format and all results can be exported for further use.

WARNING: The policy that is included is a sample of the functionality of the tool. It is not a security policy that should be followed.

Report Bugs & send your own policy files : nhouse[at]

It would be very useful to the community if you send me any policies you create. For example, Web server, desktop, domain controller or what ever you create. I will upload your policy files to the site and credit you.

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