Access Manager1
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP
Categories: Access Control, Applications, Mandatory Access Control, Monitoring, Network, Network, Network Monitoring, Network Utilities, Usage Monitoring, user privileges, Utilities
Version: 1.0
Access Manager is an award wining software for monitoring the networked computers. This software can be helpful for government organization, companies, schools, colleges etc to monitor the activities on the computers. Its cleverly designed GUI offers you the access to various functions easily. It is very easy to use for both a novice user and an expert user. it allows real time monitoring of employees and continuous tracking of users activities on networked computers. Designed for monitoring employees, workers, students, tracking the usage of public computers in libraries or spying on individual network attached PC. Access Manager is used to track employees activities in organizations that have from two to hundreds networked computers. All monitoring options are configured remotely from a single PC. This employee monitoring software can record activity on all computers in LAN for future advanced analysis with excellent report generation capabilities. Using our PC monitoring software you will increase the productivity of working staff in your company.

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