SpeedTrace Pro
by ipcas GmbH
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP
Categories: Programming
Version: 2.00
ipcas GmbH announces the release of the newest version of SpeedTrace .NET Tracing & Profiling tool, SpeedTrace Pro. This tool is an improvement of the previous version.

SpeedTrace Pro has come up with the following new features:

·Support .NET Framework 2.0 (Windows applications, ASP.NET, Windows .NET Services)

·Improved Fast Engine(increased trace buffer size)

· Data Reduction Concept (using include and exclude filtering)

·Data Trace


Do check out this new powerful and fast tracing & profiling tool.

For more information on SpeedTrace Pro or to download a 30 day free trial, click the following link :

Feel free to send feedback on how we can improve on this tool. We appreciate your feedback.

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