Rootkit's Unloader Improvements by Andrea Palmate
by Nima Bagheri
Platforms: Windows XP
Categories: Secure Deletion
Version: 1.1
Improvements by Andrea Palmate

It's tool for unmapping the modules and loaded Rootkit's DLLS.

It also can terminate the Threads and processes.

For Unloading the Rootkits first you must know your target's DLL

After finding these Processes you can terminate the Library.

Tip: Before selecting this you must close and save your Program's Data, because this Program erasing all Threads and Maybe Your Lose your data .TerminateThread is a dangerous function that should only be used in the most extreme cases.

You should call TerminateThread only if you know exactly what the target thread is doing, and you control all of the code that the target thread could possibly be running at the time of the termination.

Down load's Link Full Source Code with Binary

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