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Platforms: AIX, AS/400, BeOS, BSDI, DG-UX, Digital UNIX/Alpha, DOS, FLUX OS, FreeBSD, GEMSOS, HP-UX, IRIX, Java, Linux, MacOS, MPE/iX, MVS, N/A, Net, NetBSD, Netware, OpenBSD, OpenNMS, OpenVMS, Os Independent, OS/2, OS/390, PalmOS, Perl (any system supporting perl), PHP, POSIX, Propietary Hardware, Python, RACF, SCO, SecureBSD, SINIX, Solaris, SunOS, True64 UN, True64 UNIX, Ultrix, UNICOS, UNIX, Unixware, VM, VMS, VSE, Windows 2000, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows CE, Windows NT, Windows XP
Categories: Auditing, Source Code
URL: provides Web-based access to code auditing applications, and was created to assist developers and users in auditing their programs for vulnerabilities.

You can upload your code for static analysis by RATS, Flawfinder and ITS4 as applicable - the C/C++, PHP Python and Perl languages are supported.

Additionally, a simplified search function is available which easily allows efficient Web searches for security-related information.

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