Djigzo email encryption gateway
by Martijn Brinkers
Platforms: Java, Linux
Categories: Cryptography, E-mail
Djigzo email encryption gateway is an email server (MTA) that encrypts and decrypts your incoming and outgoing email. Because Djigzo serves as a general SMTP email server, it is compatible with any existing email infrastructure and can easily be placed before or after existing email servers. Djigzo is typically installed as a "store and forward" server. Email is therefore only temporarily stored until it is forwarded to it's final destination.

Djigzo currently supports two encryption standards; S/MIME and PDF encryption. S/MIME provides authentication, message integrity and non-repudiation (using X.509 certificates) and protection against message interception. S/MIME uses public key encryption (PKI) for encryption and signing. PDF encryption can be used as a lightweight alternative to S/MIME encryption. PDF allows you to decrypt and read encrypted PDF documents. PDF documents can even contain attachments embedded within the encrypted PDF. The password for the PDF can be manually set per recipient or a password can be randomly generated and sent to the recipient via SMS.

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