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Added 2009-02-27
by Third Brigade
OSSEC is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response.

Added 2008-08-29
by Third Brigade
OSSEC is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, integrity checking, Windows registry monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response. It runs on most operating systems, including Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, MacOS, Solaris and Windows.

darc - Distributed Aide Runtime Controller
Added 2006-04-24
by Jacob Martinson
darc is a multi-threaded Python application designed for managing AIDE installations in large heterogeneous networks. It provides centralized database management, unified reporting, and eliminates the need to maintain Aide databases and binaries on read-only media.

Added 2006-03-27
by Secure Passage
FireMon, is an Enterprise Security Management application that provides visibility to and control of network changes, configurations, and performance. Designed as a security tool, FireMon monitors configurations, evaluates configuration effectiveness, and alerts administrators to changes in configurations. FireMon controls devices by implementing intelligent device information processing and combining it with input from technical experts and customer requirements. FireMon meets key needs of security professionals, particularly security managers, auditors, security administrators, and network professionals with security concerns.

PatchLink Update
Added 2004-11-30
by PatchLink Corporation
With PATCHLINK UPDATE, patch management is the secure, proactive, and preventative process it should be. PATCHLINK UPDATE scans networks for security holes and closes them with the click of a mouse, no matter the operating system, the vendor applications, the mix, or the size of the environment. From 5K nodes to 20+K nodes, PATCHLINK UPDATE works quickly, accurately and safely to ensure desktops and servers are patched correctly and completely the first time around.

Saint Jude
Added 2002-05-17
by Tim Lawless
Saint Jude is a wholly kernel-based intrusion detection and intrusion response system that implements the Saint Jude Model for detection of improper privilege transitions. Saint Jude can detect the presence of ongoing and successful attacks, from sources both local and remote, that would yield root-level access to the attacking individual. Detection is performed using a rule-based anomaly detector that uses a model of normal system behavior that is generated on the protected machine during a training phase. By comparing actual actions against a fully developed model, it is possible to detect attacks against vulnerabilities that are both known and unknown with no false positives or negatives.

Added 2002-02-11
by Konrad Rieck
Papillon is a loadable kernel module designed for the Solaris operating environment 8. It was inspired by the Openwall linux kernel patch and adds most of the functionality of this patch to the Solaris kernel. Functionality includes a restricted proc, chroot environment protections, secure STDIO file descriptors, restricted sym- and hardlinks, and more.

Sun Enterprise Network Security Service (SENSS)
Added 2001-10-22
by Bruce Development Team (Sun)
SENSS "Bruce" is a flexible, Java-based infrastructure that permits centralized security management of small, medium and large-sized intranets. The Bruce software provides you with a network service daemon that should be installed on each host in your network; these daemons are linked together in a hierarchy of trust. This hierarchy may be used for the distribution and execution of digitally-signed packages containing (java, binary, or script) code that may be used to check and fix host security issues in a bulk, batch-oriented manner. Execution requests are likewise digitally signed, replay attacks are prevented, and network communications are secured by access-control lists and pluggable authentication and secrecy modules. Output generated during the process of checking is in HTML format, and percolates to the root of the hierarchy, where it is browsable. The Bruce software is not yet complete; this is the Early Access 2 (EA2) release, that we (the Bruce development team) are making available for the benefit of parties with a professional interest in network security, for their experimentation and comment.

Yet Another Solaris Security Package (YASSP)
Added 2001-10-22
by Jean Chouanard, chouanard@parc.xerox.com
YASSP is bundle of packages to secure Solaris. The default behavior turns off most of the services, which is suitable for an external (exposed) server like a firewall, a web server or a ftp server. These services can be easily turned back on via a configuration file The OS security tuning is performed at various levels: turn- ing off (networked) services, changing file owner/mode, ena- bling logging, tuning the network stack, changing the system parameters and also providing a coherent default environment so that administrators know what they can expect and where.

JumpStart Architecture and Security Scripts (JASS Toolkit)
Added 2001-10-22
by Alex Noordergraaf, alex.noordergraaf@SUN.COM
The JumpStart(TM) Architecture and Security Scripts (Toolkit) has been developed by Sun's Enterprise Engineering and Professional Services organizations to harden, minimize, and secure Solaris systems. The primary goal behind the development of this Toolkit was to simplify and automate the process of securing Solaris systems. The "JASS" Toolkit attains that goal by being usable through JumpStart or in a standalone mode.

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